Sunday, July 11, 2010

ukrainian politics

Do you know why I'm not writing about politics (even though the're more corrupt than a disk put in a microwave). I'm not writing about them for one reason: pre kuchma (president 1999-2004) there was a journalist named gangadza who aways wrote bad stuff about the goverment and how corrupt it is and guess what they killed him! Thats right but as this blog not being popular (for now hopefully) I dought they'll try to get to me.

But after kuchma stopped being president (2004) ushinko came to power and chased all those goons to russia. But after the 2010 election came to power unokovich and all those goons plus some new ones came back.


After he came to power his first task was to make a new coalition (to have power over parliament) but that became a failure because he did not have enough seats block litvin and block communists joined him (they are now called prostitutes by most people). But that still wasn't enough seats he just needed a couple more there were 2 parties left block timashenko and block our ukraine. It was obvious that B.U.T wouldn't join and for some reason Our ukraine didn't join (even though unokovich and ushenko were assumed to have made a deal together) so while that didn't work out the president went farther and bought all the diplomats he could and they voted on a new law were now not parties make a coalition but individual diplomats (the ones he bought). So thats how it works around here.

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