Thursday, July 8, 2010

a little about me

Did you know that there are a lot of good ways to increase traffic on your blog my favorite is using stumbleupon (even though my blogs aren't real popular on there) i've tried a lot of ways to advertise my blog on facebook, twitter, and to tell you the truth i didn't get far with them i could have done a lot better but to tell you the truth I do not have a comp linked to the net, I use my phone to go on the internet. I can't even add a like button. I like started this post on advertising blogs and now I'm writing about myself. So I guess that this a get to know the writer post so let me continue I live in ukraine, I am stuck here basicly. I used to live in america for 10 years and I loved it there I am now in ukraine for over 3 years i was thinking on making a life in ukraine blog but who is interested on life as a poor farmer it won't be popular I think so thats all I have to say for now hey if you by any chance visit and are a member of stumble upon please discover or like or something thanks.

anyway time for a random question feel free to answer it: In ukraine there is an old phrase (this is a translation so): better have 100 friends than 100 rubies(soviet union currency's) 3 from each then you'll have 300 on your opinion is this true because being a friend is not only taking so would you rather have a hundred dollars or a hundred friends?
and/or what is your favorite color why?

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