Thursday, July 8, 2010


Did you know that people still live by chernobil? Thats right if you didn't know then read this post I'm not sure exactly how much people live by there but I know most of them are elderly people my uncle visited chernobil 12 years back and met an old lady in her 80's thats right she was about 80 or more years old! If your asking yourself what is she doing there than you do not know old ukrainian people. They are farmers, they hold livestock that feeds them and gives them a litte income so when they where evacuating chernobil they where only evacuating people. This lady said where am I going to go without my cow. She was telling my uncle that they kept telling her, telling her then forgot about her. She also said that she never visited the hospital. Thats one strong lady. I live about 80 km from chernobil and over here my grandma said that all the leaves turned black on the trees that spring and the goverment kept quiet about it untell the wind didn't bring radiation to finland then they started talking

question: if your friend and you like the same girl/guy would you give up or would you date the girl/guy? and/or
beef, pork or vegetables?

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