Friday, July 16, 2010

mine sweeper

Did you know how to play mine sweeper? It is one of my favorite standered games that they have on a pc everyone has played it or at least tried i love to play it when ever I have a chance (not that much). it is simple once you get the hang of it infact open it up right now. ok once you have you probily got it on beginner (9x9). ok now click anywhere on the gameboard click randomly until you come upon where you unlock a good some of the game board ok now the first thing you see is a whole bunch of random numbers now your thinking what in the hell do they mean well the numbers mean the number of mines tuching that box in particular. For example if you see a 1 then out of 8 boxes around that 1 has a mine (most of them are usually unclickable witch means its not one of those).

so where do you start? You go and find a one thats by one clickable box(that box is usually in the corner) there is a mine there right click on that box. ok you found your first mine! look for all those types of tou go to the number next to that one that is touching the mine if its a one than all the other squares its touching do not have a mine. Okay now playing further you found all the one corners marked them as mines and clicked were there can't me mines and as you go deeper you may come around boxes with 2's but that are surounded by 4 or more boxes if that happens then start at a other end and remember don't be scared of 3's or 4's if you have a 3 thats surrounded by 3 boxes then all 3 are mines, if a 1 is by that 3 that already has one mine by it then then all the other boxes around the one are empty this may help you to figure out with 3 boxes around the 3 have mines.

so as you go on playing beginner i can only hope i've thought how to play oh and here is a useful tip: you've found a mine by a one but there are other boxes that need to be opened instead of opening them manually you can just move your mouse on the number and click both mouse buttons at once this will open all the boxes touching that one. this is very usful if your playing on speed. like me my personal record is fourteen sec. which i think is real good, how about you how much did you score? and if you have any questions ask them here

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