Wednesday, July 28, 2010

life in ukraine

ok this is my new post, I've been real busy and no one really comes to visit my blog so i really didn't blog.

   so living here is real different from living in america. ukraine is a beautiful place all in all living in a village people  here grow their own food like us. the diet  of an average ukrainian is simple: potatoes(they eat them every day and grow them there selves),bread(a ukrainian will buy his bread but can bake pies and stuff like that), lard(pig fat see left) lard is real good food I love it. ukraine is known for its lard they eat it fried bioled or raw  a ukrainian buys a baby pig feeds it then kills it by stabbing it in the heart

ukrainians eat what they grow. an average ukrainiain field is made up of 70-90% potatoes the rest are basic vegetibles which are onions, garlic, cabbage, beets, carrots, and beans. they also grow some fruits like strawberries and may have a place for fruit trees like apple pears and plums

thats a little of ukrainian diet for you

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