Friday, July 23, 2010

Another phone post about ukraine

I've been real busy the last few days so I really couldn't do any blogging
i gave documents to go to an institute so that was a real pain in the ass well while I'm done with that I can write about something so that you can read it so did you know that right now the ukrainian president proposed a law to control journalists this ain't the first time this law was in order it was here until the 2004-2010 president ushchenko removed it but uonokovich proposed to renew it basicly so there isn't gonna be such a thing as freedom of speech in ukraine democratasy in ukraine is coming to an end the coalition under the president is made up of more than 300 deputates of 450 which means he can go shooting away at the constitution it is sad to watch as what is accomplished by one goverment is crushed by an other. It is amazing to witness how democratasy crumbles I never thought I could see such a thing but I will.

But I still witness how people support him. Did you know he sat in prison well i mentioned it before but I didn't mention why well he was involved with the mafia well once he went around stealling fur hats and then he supposably raped his teacher. Yeah and now he's president. The fact that he has a house worth $400 million and a summer house worth $300million should also say something well thats all i have to say for now stay tuned for updates.

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