Sunday, July 11, 2010

the goon-given right to bare arms

Did you know that ukraine is in the process of passing a law to give the right to bare arms. I'm not sure if they have excepted or declined it.

Right now in ukraine only law imforcement, layers, judges, politics, and journalists are allowed to carry a weapon but according to this law anyone over 18 can carry a weapon.

You might ask but isn't that a good thing the answer is hell no! Crime in ukraine is skyrocketing! People kill people just because they looked at them the wrong way. And those who are allowed to carry guns right now, you hear this real often, go on a shooting spree with guns that have rubber bullets.

So the goons upstairs want to give everybody the right to shoot each other. You ask why would they want to do that? The answer is simple: the production of weapons will increase thousands of times i don't know much about who makes fire arms in ukraine but thats the one to point your finger to when asked who's pulling all the strings. So all in all if ukrainians don't die out then the're gonna kill them selves to extinction


  1. I'm not Ukrainian. I'm an American, and a Texan on top of that, and that might flavor my opinion somewhat, but I have always thought of it this way: if I know everyone is carrying a gun, I am probably going to be more polite. Also consider that a 120 pound (54.5 kilo) woman is much less likely to be raped by a 200 pound (90 kilo) man if she is carrying a five pound (2.25 kilo) gun.

  2. Dude if you saw how people have shoot nuts over here you'll think of texas as a walk in the park i forgot to add over here in korosten they chopped up the head of police with an ax and you what to give those people guns also ukrainians drink like hell and are real angery drunks. And that 120 pound lady wount by the 5 pound gun here trust me


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