Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top 5 farming tools in the 19th century(or in modern day ukraine)

I've been wanting to write this post a long time but never got the chance. Well this is (on my opinion) the must have tools a farmer would need on his farm.

#5 the scythe: a real useful tool around the farm good for cutting grass for livestock or just cutting down some nasty weeds that are growing in the yard and around the house. comes in many different sizes the smallest being a size 5 (50 cm from the bud of the blade to the tip). And the biggest being a size 12(120 cm). Every body has one we have a size 9. the blade is important but so is the handle. The handle is the most important thing about the scythe and every one has their most perfured handle: some people like it long, more than 2m others short,1.5m some like the handle fat others skinny our handle is about 1.8m, real skinny, my dad made the handle for ours. I noticed the scythe is rapidly being replaced by the weedcutter lately (like the last 3 months). So thats why i gave it only 5th place.

#4 is the shovel- you know what a shovel is there is nothing much else to explain a farmer would use the shovel for small work around the house, also good to turn the soil over in small places like between strawberry rows and bushes, it is also used some times to plant potatoes. While the other type of shovel(the gathering one) is also very useful when cleaning up when shovelling snow moving sand and other building material. Very useful tool.

#3 is a fork, no not the one you eat with but the one farmers use to stack hay and straw. It is very good for moving it to. I've seen someone caring hay that has more volume than himself! It is also good to move cow doughn (old dry only) it looks kinda like the fork you eat with but bigger you may have seen it in the movies oh yeah now i remember its called a pitch fork. The handle is between 1m to 1.5m.

#2 is a hoe there are 2 types of hoes the flat head and the 3 horned one. they are very useful. there are at least 4 in every household, at least, 2 of those and 2 of those they are used mostly to clean potatoes from weeds, plant crops like beets, onion, garlic, carrots, beans, and about every type except potatoes. My grandma uses the 3 horned one to plant potatoes even though its main task is to dig them out. real popular tool.

Now what i think to be the most important tool... Its the... The... The plow with out the plow the world would be in a real bad place right now its is what made people real productive in farming. Here there are 3 types: horse powered, machine powered and man powered. Horse powered being the most popular one machine in second but catching up, and man to do all the small work like digging rows between potatoes. Horses are real popular here for plowing every one either hires some one to slow there land or they do it themselves tractors are used often now too they plow 3 to more than 10 rows at once depending on size and number of plows as a horse can only pull one. Plows are also used to plant potatoes while they overturn soil.

The end

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