Thursday, July 29, 2010

ukrainian joke

Ok here's a ukrainian joke i heard a while back real funny to get this joke you have to understand ukrainians... Ok 2 old ukrainian grandpa's meet in a train they talked a little and both decided to eat. So one of them pulls out a giant 12cm thick piece of lard(pig fat) and tells the other one here eat some that guy grabs it and no matter how he tried he couldn't fit it in his mouth. The other guy tells him "relax let me cut some off" he pointing at his teeth says "ok cut some off here and here"

funny huh hey maybe you have some good jokes about the people were your from then post them here.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some more politics

I've said it before and i'll say it again the president is going to sell ukraine off. yeah its true he's going to sell ukraine to russia, or not even sell it, but give it away. now ukrainians aren't going to be offended when asked are they from russia because ukraine will be a russian providence real soon. russia already got their hands on one of ukraine's major steel factories it and is in the process of owning another one its true you probily heard it before how the president is giving away ukraine it is real popular in the news and things are getting so bad that even the members of the party of regions are trying to stop it. Akhmetov (rich guy number one in ukraine also in party of regions) interfered a russian company in a attempt to buy another steel plant. For this he lost his role in the party for putin told Yunokovich that he was "frustrated with Akhmedov interfereing". Also an expert said that russia wouldn't stop there that it would start to buy off land for agriculture, which is just crazy russia just found ukraine's weak link and is playing games with it.

All in all i can't believe that ukraine voted for this guy. Well thats all i could say for now stay tuned for more info soon.

life in ukraine

ok this is my new post, I've been real busy and no one really comes to visit my blog so i really didn't blog.

   so living here is real different from living in america. ukraine is a beautiful place all in all living in a village people  here grow their own food like us. the diet  of an average ukrainian is simple: potatoes(they eat them every day and grow them there selves),bread(a ukrainian will buy his bread but can bake pies and stuff like that), lard(pig fat see left) lard is real good food I love it. ukraine is known for its lard they eat it fried bioled or raw  a ukrainian buys a baby pig feeds it then kills it by stabbing it in the heart

ukrainians eat what they grow. an average ukrainiain field is made up of 70-90% potatoes the rest are basic vegetibles which are onions, garlic, cabbage, beets, carrots, and beans. they also grow some fruits like strawberries and may have a place for fruit trees like apple pears and plums

thats a little of ukrainian diet for you

Monday, July 26, 2010

readers opinion

Hello readers thanks for visiting my blog while you read it please leave some feedback on what you like and what you don't like, what you would share or what you would read halfway and get so bored you would close your browser what do you think of the backround or anything else I could improve thank you reader

Friday, July 23, 2010

Another phone post about ukraine

I've been real busy the last few days so I really couldn't do any blogging
i gave documents to go to an institute so that was a real pain in the ass well while I'm done with that I can write about something so that you can read it so did you know that right now the ukrainian president proposed a law to control journalists this ain't the first time this law was in order it was here until the 2004-2010 president ushchenko removed it but uonokovich proposed to renew it basicly so there isn't gonna be such a thing as freedom of speech in ukraine democratasy in ukraine is coming to an end the coalition under the president is made up of more than 300 deputates of 450 which means he can go shooting away at the constitution it is sad to watch as what is accomplished by one goverment is crushed by an other. It is amazing to witness how democratasy crumbles I never thought I could see such a thing but I will.

But I still witness how people support him. Did you know he sat in prison well i mentioned it before but I didn't mention why well he was involved with the mafia well once he went around stealling fur hats and then he supposably raped his teacher. Yeah and now he's president. The fact that he has a house worth $400 million and a summer house worth $300million should also say something well thats all i have to say for now stay tuned for updates.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

future articals

Ok being a blogger is cool but being a blogger without a computer is not so i decided to write a post (using my phone) to inform you on what i will write about using a computer sounds kinda funny huh

so first of all i'll interview my grandma because she's got a story to tell about world war 2 life before and after don't think that after WWI and WWII the world was quiet between those times a lot of fighting went on for the soviet union didn't form just like that...

If you like that stay tuned I am also gonna write a post on why ukraine is dying out yeah i mentioned it before ukraine is dying out but why... Also a will be a good post...

1930-1933 the ukrainian holocast read about how ukraine was punished by the russians for not wanting to be part of the soviet union and what people did to survive locally...

Deaths from alcohol: read about people here who died from alcohol a big list in a small village...

Those are some of the posts i will write about and maybe something on politics too if there is something you would want to know about ukraine or about me just ask here...

Thank you

Monday, July 19, 2010

No visits why

My blog isn't getting any visiters can some one tell me why like i am bored writing to myself hey people come on whats up so please comment this on how i could make this blog more popular!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

kiev ukraine news blog

Here's a blog i found on ukrainian news its pretty good so check it out kiev ukraine news blog
here are detailed news reports

life as a farmer part one

living in america i never thought i'd do what i do right now. its amazing how life can kick you in the nuts.
for i righ t now don"t even have a comp plugged to the net i live in a village in the middle of nowhere like a god forgotten oe too. while Im losing my knolage of english each day (there's a good example)  I started blogging in a hope to get populiar and make money  to go to america.  that dream doesn,t look like its gonna forfill in the meantime i'm gonna tell you a little about what its like to be a ukrainian farmer(and maybe if you stumble upon this blog somehow you'll like this blog and follow me)

ok  where to start: lets start talking about the different type's of livestock in that people hold in ukraine first of all lets talk about cows, on my opion the most pouliar type of livestock a lot of people have one or maybe 2  its poular because it gives a lot of milk average 5 liters of milk per one time you milk it and you milk it 3 times a day but the head count is getting smaller an smaller we do not own a cow but we made a deal with someone that does so that they'll give us milk if we paster on there time (people in the village who own cows take turns pastering them). so i got to paster cows. there wasn't that much to paster the first year like 28 the second 22 right now 19 (i don't paster them any more because the people sold their cow)

I  like rabbits  they are cute little animals  and the babies are adorible fuzzballs and wow they reproduce fast but most of all the are like one of the best meats i have ever tasted mmm. animalists read no further. I am going to tell you what you have to do to prepare a rabbit(if i could show you i would but i am typing on a public comp and all) first how to kill it. its real simple : take  a  fairly  large stick and hit him right between the  ears he will die after a couple of seconds then you hang it by the legs take the skin and  literly pull it down i did not see this proccess but as you imagine it is fairly grusome. the skin you dry the meat you cook and its really good meat . we started breeding our firsts rabbits too! we got about 14 at the moment so i'm going to kill my first rabbit too!

so thats about it for now stay tuned and i'll write more about life as a farmer because my tim is running out. also like how did you like this post should i make more post on the subject?

Friday, July 16, 2010

mine sweeper

Did you know how to play mine sweeper? It is one of my favorite standered games that they have on a pc everyone has played it or at least tried i love to play it when ever I have a chance (not that much). it is simple once you get the hang of it infact open it up right now. ok once you have you probily got it on beginner (9x9). ok now click anywhere on the gameboard click randomly until you come upon where you unlock a good some of the game board ok now the first thing you see is a whole bunch of random numbers now your thinking what in the hell do they mean well the numbers mean the number of mines tuching that box in particular. For example if you see a 1 then out of 8 boxes around that 1 has a mine (most of them are usually unclickable witch means its not one of those).

so where do you start? You go and find a one thats by one clickable box(that box is usually in the corner) there is a mine there right click on that box. ok you found your first mine! look for all those types of tou go to the number next to that one that is touching the mine if its a one than all the other squares its touching do not have a mine. Okay now playing further you found all the one corners marked them as mines and clicked were there can't me mines and as you go deeper you may come around boxes with 2's but that are surounded by 4 or more boxes if that happens then start at a other end and remember don't be scared of 3's or 4's if you have a 3 thats surrounded by 3 boxes then all 3 are mines, if a 1 is by that 3 that already has one mine by it then then all the other boxes around the one are empty this may help you to figure out with 3 boxes around the 3 have mines.

so as you go on playing beginner i can only hope i've thought how to play oh and here is a useful tip: you've found a mine by a one but there are other boxes that need to be opened instead of opening them manually you can just move your mouse on the number and click both mouse buttons at once this will open all the boxes touching that one. this is very usful if your playing on speed. like me my personal record is fourteen sec. which i think is real good, how about you how much did you score? and if you have any questions ask them here

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top 5 farming tools in the 19th century(or in modern day ukraine)

I've been wanting to write this post a long time but never got the chance. Well this is (on my opinion) the must have tools a farmer would need on his farm.

#5 the scythe: a real useful tool around the farm good for cutting grass for livestock or just cutting down some nasty weeds that are growing in the yard and around the house. comes in many different sizes the smallest being a size 5 (50 cm from the bud of the blade to the tip). And the biggest being a size 12(120 cm). Every body has one we have a size 9. the blade is important but so is the handle. The handle is the most important thing about the scythe and every one has their most perfured handle: some people like it long, more than 2m others short,1.5m some like the handle fat others skinny our handle is about 1.8m, real skinny, my dad made the handle for ours. I noticed the scythe is rapidly being replaced by the weedcutter lately (like the last 3 months). So thats why i gave it only 5th place.

#4 is the shovel- you know what a shovel is there is nothing much else to explain a farmer would use the shovel for small work around the house, also good to turn the soil over in small places like between strawberry rows and bushes, it is also used some times to plant potatoes. While the other type of shovel(the gathering one) is also very useful when cleaning up when shovelling snow moving sand and other building material. Very useful tool.

#3 is a fork, no not the one you eat with but the one farmers use to stack hay and straw. It is very good for moving it to. I've seen someone caring hay that has more volume than himself! It is also good to move cow doughn (old dry only) it looks kinda like the fork you eat with but bigger you may have seen it in the movies oh yeah now i remember its called a pitch fork. The handle is between 1m to 1.5m.

#2 is a hoe there are 2 types of hoes the flat head and the 3 horned one. they are very useful. there are at least 4 in every household, at least, 2 of those and 2 of those they are used mostly to clean potatoes from weeds, plant crops like beets, onion, garlic, carrots, beans, and about every type except potatoes. My grandma uses the 3 horned one to plant potatoes even though its main task is to dig them out. real popular tool.

Now what i think to be the most important tool... Its the... The... The plow with out the plow the world would be in a real bad place right now its is what made people real productive in farming. Here there are 3 types: horse powered, machine powered and man powered. Horse powered being the most popular one machine in second but catching up, and man to do all the small work like digging rows between potatoes. Horses are real popular here for plowing every one either hires some one to slow there land or they do it themselves tractors are used often now too they plow 3 to more than 10 rows at once depending on size and number of plows as a horse can only pull one. Plows are also used to plant potatoes while they overturn soil.

The end

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that cows let out more than a 200 liters of gas per day!
cows with gas
Did you know that cars can not run on water
contrary to populiar belief
water cars
Did you know that nasa is sending a recycled satalite to fly by a comet
read about it here

read these 3 stories and comment on them here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

can some one help me?

I'm like getting comments and i do not know how to get them to inform me that i'm getting comments please help

pitty crime in ukraine

Did you know that small crime in ukraine is real common and even in small villages like mine. The most popular, stealing metal, is done everywhere and by everyone. Anything not not laying where its supposed to, count it gone.Your next door neighbor would come to take it. Our village is calm but in other villages people in to old people's houses kill them take anything thats at least worth a penny.

If your asking why they do that, the answer is simple, alcohol, a ukrainian's best friend and worst enemy at the same time. They don't think of other people. For example: there was a bridge not that big probily like 4m. It was made up of concrete plates that where placed on 2 railroad rails. It was going over a man made canal. So anyway some people came took the bridge apart took the rails to in sell them. They got a lot of money out of those rails maybe 3000UAH (approx. 400USD).

No one does anything even if they know who did it not the cops not the people in the village, amazing huh?

People don't only steal metal they also steal livestock. thats true it happens less though I think this is because its harder to realise into money. well thats all I have to say for now any questions?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

the goon-given right to bare arms

Did you know that ukraine is in the process of passing a law to give the right to bare arms. I'm not sure if they have excepted or declined it.

Right now in ukraine only law imforcement, layers, judges, politics, and journalists are allowed to carry a weapon but according to this law anyone over 18 can carry a weapon.

You might ask but isn't that a good thing the answer is hell no! Crime in ukraine is skyrocketing! People kill people just because they looked at them the wrong way. And those who are allowed to carry guns right now, you hear this real often, go on a shooting spree with guns that have rubber bullets.

So the goons upstairs want to give everybody the right to shoot each other. You ask why would they want to do that? The answer is simple: the production of weapons will increase thousands of times i don't know much about who makes fire arms in ukraine but thats the one to point your finger to when asked who's pulling all the strings. So all in all if ukrainians don't die out then the're gonna kill them selves to extinction

ukrainian politics

Do you know why I'm not writing about politics (even though the're more corrupt than a disk put in a microwave). I'm not writing about them for one reason: pre kuchma (president 1999-2004) there was a journalist named gangadza who aways wrote bad stuff about the goverment and how corrupt it is and guess what they killed him! Thats right but as this blog not being popular (for now hopefully) I dought they'll try to get to me.

But after kuchma stopped being president (2004) ushinko came to power and chased all those goons to russia. But after the 2010 election came to power unokovich and all those goons plus some new ones came back.


After he came to power his first task was to make a new coalition (to have power over parliament) but that became a failure because he did not have enough seats block litvin and block communists joined him (they are now called prostitutes by most people). But that still wasn't enough seats he just needed a couple more there were 2 parties left block timashenko and block our ukraine. It was obvious that B.U.T wouldn't join and for some reason Our ukraine didn't join (even though unokovich and ushenko were assumed to have made a deal together) so while that didn't work out the president went farther and bought all the diplomats he could and they voted on a new law were now not parties make a coalition but individual diplomats (the ones he bought). So thats how it works around here.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Did you know we got our first follower! And not just any followerer but commoncents! Wow I am honored because thats the writer of my favorite blog if you don't know what blog I'm talking about click here.

Wow commoncents if your reading this know I'm dedicating this post to you and thank you. And keep it going with your blog!

About Ukraine and Alcohol

When you think about countries with a lot of drinkers you think of russia but...Did you know that in ukraine underage drinking in ukraine is a really big problem, infact alcoholism its self is a huge problem in ukraine.

Did you that in ukraine at the age of 12, 1/5 of kids are already drinking once a week, and at the age of 14, 2/3 are drinking once once a week but about half of them drink 2 or more times a week.

The fact is that the goverment can't and won't do anything about this problem. But the recent turn of events in russia probily change something here or maybe not

ukraine has a lot of problems this is one of them. I will talk about the problems in ukraine in other posts later.

Question: how did you like this post or any of my other ones?

Friday, July 9, 2010

communism and ukraine

Did you know anything about socialism? He not read this. If you are an american a western european or just an average person you probily think that if your country will become a socialism that the end of the world would happen... The truth is, is that having a socialism is probily better for the country's economy than capitalism I'm no economic so I wouldn't know, but I, living in ukraine, where the people contributed a lot to the fall of the soviet union, hear that life was better then so i ask them why. Here is their answer: "life was much cheaper then"- bread costing 7 cents of a soviet rubie meat was not that much more expensive. As to right now it is real hard for the average person to afford meat (beef, pork).
"We always had work"- thats true, the labor laws in the soviet union required people to work. If you think this is bad then, think what is better: being required to do what you do already or sitting at home without work(right now probily a 3rd of ukrainians)? Now about economy: the soviet union used places called calhospi (I'm not sure if there is an english translation) this is basicly a communal farm which provides work for the rural (village) population which takes up a good chunk of the total population. Also (on my own observation) most of the fields that were once being used for farming needs are now empty the livestock count is dropping horribly (I know I pastured them for 3 years and by that time the count dropped by half). And most of it is for private use.
I don't know looking at ukraine now I agree times were better when living in a communistic goverment but who knows only time will tell.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Here's a short did you know fact did you know that mac D's salads have 70% more fat than their burgers.

I just had to post that wow crazy huh

did you know that not all fat is bad for you
you just have to limit on saturated fat and stay away from trans.

question: what is happiness?


Did you know everybody has an ambition when starting a blog some want to get rich others want to get famous others rich and famous. people make blogs to meet people to share photos chat blogs come in all topics for example i have a joke blog a blog where i post guns and all that stuff and none of those forefilled my dreams: to get at least 100 followers its a small dream but still a dream's a dream so if you want a good read please follow me! Help my dream come true tell a friend give some feedback.

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Did you know that people still live by chernobil? Thats right if you didn't know then read this post I'm not sure exactly how much people live by there but I know most of them are elderly people my uncle visited chernobil 12 years back and met an old lady in her 80's thats right she was about 80 or more years old! If your asking yourself what is she doing there than you do not know old ukrainian people. They are farmers, they hold livestock that feeds them and gives them a litte income so when they where evacuating chernobil they where only evacuating people. This lady said where am I going to go without my cow. She was telling my uncle that they kept telling her, telling her then forgot about her. She also said that she never visited the hospital. Thats one strong lady. I live about 80 km from chernobil and over here my grandma said that all the leaves turned black on the trees that spring and the goverment kept quiet about it untell the wind didn't bring radiation to finland then they started talking

question: if your friend and you like the same girl/guy would you give up or would you date the girl/guy? and/or
beef, pork or vegetables?

a little about me

Did you know that there are a lot of good ways to increase traffic on your blog my favorite is using stumbleupon (even though my blogs aren't real popular on there) i've tried a lot of ways to advertise my blog on facebook, twitter, and to tell you the truth i didn't get far with them i could have done a lot better but to tell you the truth I do not have a comp linked to the net, I use my phone to go on the internet. I can't even add a like button. I like started this post on advertising blogs and now I'm writing about myself. So I guess that this a get to know the writer post so let me continue I live in ukraine, I am stuck here basicly. I used to live in america for 10 years and I loved it there I am now in ukraine for over 3 years i was thinking on making a life in ukraine blog but who is interested on life as a poor farmer it won't be popular I think so thats all I have to say for now hey if you by any chance visit and are a member of stumble upon please discover or like or something thanks.

anyway time for a random question feel free to answer it: In ukraine there is an old phrase (this is a translation so): better have 100 friends than 100 rubies(soviet union currency's) 3 from each then you'll have 300 on your opinion is this true because being a friend is not only taking so would you rather have a hundred dollars or a hundred friends?
and/or what is your favorite color why?

black holes

Hey i got a new blog i hope it becomes popular but in the mean time did you know that blackholes blow out giant "gas bubbles" that are huge. A newly founded blackhole that was caught in the act of letting out a giant gas bubble that is 1,000 light years across, it is the biggest one scientists have found. They calculated that the blackhole has been letting this giant jet of gas out for about 200,000 years! Google it to find out more!

I'm going to ask random questions to find out more about my readers.

Question:sense this is my first post my first question is how is this blog what can i do to make it better? And/or who is better pirates or ninjas?