Friday, July 9, 2010

communism and ukraine

Did you know anything about socialism? He not read this. If you are an american a western european or just an average person you probily think that if your country will become a socialism that the end of the world would happen... The truth is, is that having a socialism is probily better for the country's economy than capitalism I'm no economic so I wouldn't know, but I, living in ukraine, where the people contributed a lot to the fall of the soviet union, hear that life was better then so i ask them why. Here is their answer: "life was much cheaper then"- bread costing 7 cents of a soviet rubie meat was not that much more expensive. As to right now it is real hard for the average person to afford meat (beef, pork).
"We always had work"- thats true, the labor laws in the soviet union required people to work. If you think this is bad then, think what is better: being required to do what you do already or sitting at home without work(right now probily a 3rd of ukrainians)? Now about economy: the soviet union used places called calhospi (I'm not sure if there is an english translation) this is basicly a communal farm which provides work for the rural (village) population which takes up a good chunk of the total population. Also (on my own observation) most of the fields that were once being used for farming needs are now empty the livestock count is dropping horribly (I know I pastured them for 3 years and by that time the count dropped by half). And most of it is for private use.
I don't know looking at ukraine now I agree times were better when living in a communistic goverment but who knows only time will tell.

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