Saturday, July 17, 2010

life as a farmer part one

living in america i never thought i'd do what i do right now. its amazing how life can kick you in the nuts.
for i righ t now don"t even have a comp plugged to the net i live in a village in the middle of nowhere like a god forgotten oe too. while Im losing my knolage of english each day (there's a good example)  I started blogging in a hope to get populiar and make money  to go to america.  that dream doesn,t look like its gonna forfill in the meantime i'm gonna tell you a little about what its like to be a ukrainian farmer(and maybe if you stumble upon this blog somehow you'll like this blog and follow me)

ok  where to start: lets start talking about the different type's of livestock in that people hold in ukraine first of all lets talk about cows, on my opion the most pouliar type of livestock a lot of people have one or maybe 2  its poular because it gives a lot of milk average 5 liters of milk per one time you milk it and you milk it 3 times a day but the head count is getting smaller an smaller we do not own a cow but we made a deal with someone that does so that they'll give us milk if we paster on there time (people in the village who own cows take turns pastering them). so i got to paster cows. there wasn't that much to paster the first year like 28 the second 22 right now 19 (i don't paster them any more because the people sold their cow)

I  like rabbits  they are cute little animals  and the babies are adorible fuzzballs and wow they reproduce fast but most of all the are like one of the best meats i have ever tasted mmm. animalists read no further. I am going to tell you what you have to do to prepare a rabbit(if i could show you i would but i am typing on a public comp and all) first how to kill it. its real simple : take  a  fairly  large stick and hit him right between the  ears he will die after a couple of seconds then you hang it by the legs take the skin and  literly pull it down i did not see this proccess but as you imagine it is fairly grusome. the skin you dry the meat you cook and its really good meat . we started breeding our firsts rabbits too! we got about 14 at the moment so i'm going to kill my first rabbit too!

so thats about it for now stay tuned and i'll write more about life as a farmer because my tim is running out. also like how did you like this post should i make more post on the subject?

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