Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A ukrainian's view: obama and mosque

Forgive me for the random post but I just had to post this Obama is NOT a real American. For a real American would never let a morgue be built, let alone a couple of blocks away from ground zero, but anywhere else on US soil after 9/11. Hell I'm a ukrainian myself and I'm against it, for living in America has showed me what it is to be a patriot, And I respect them for it.

Okay back to the subject, Obama said this act is protected by the first amendment, which gives people the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. The fact is, is that islam doesn't even fall under being a religion, as I read on the net:"Islam is not a religion. It is a worldwide political movement meant on domination"

I have also read an interesting post about the percentage of muslims in a country and how the more there is the more pressure they put on the goverment and on the people. So Islam is the furthest thing from a religion therefore shouldn't be supported by the first amendment, as obama said, I have no idea what he and his administration are thinking, but to build a mosque by ground zero, is like building a church in Kabul, If the're not doing it, why should we?


  1. Well, I'm one of those who don't think the Muslims SHOULD be building it, but I say they have the RIGHT to do it.

    Doesn't mean I like it, though.

  2. Doug, read this and then tell me if they have a constitutional right and what they would do if they kept growing. Muslims are more like commi's than like christians, hindu, or buddists. And with that said they shouldn't be able to fit under the first amendment(like i said) as freedom of religion because the're not even a religion but a political movement aimed at world domination show me otherwise in the internet they are just a religion and should fit under the first amendment like said obama. And why as the muslim population grows in new york they won't start blowing themselves up they are slick as a snake and they have their plan for world domination and looks like obama is in it.


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