Tuesday, August 10, 2010

reader: interact! And answer some random questions

I am again deciding to look in a new direction for my blog(again) but what exactly i'm still thinking so if anyone has some good idea's or anything of the sort?


Question to reader:You are on a flight from Honolulu to Chicago non-stop. There is a fire in the back of the plane. You get enough time to make ONE phone call. Who would you call?


What is your all time favorite comedy movie?


I keep hearing people are against what obama is doing in america. How about you, are you for or against his type of politics?


  1. To answer your questions:

    I'd call my wife and daughter

    My favorite comedy is "Some Like It Hot."

    I'm apolitical, so I have no opinion about Obama one way or the other.

  2. Good choices here is my answers to your answers

    1 picking your wife means you really love her most people would pick their parents for their love to their parents is real love and if you pick your wife that means your love to her is stronger... And to call your daughter i would tell you but i do not know how old see is i'm thinking just infant but it may not be like that but knowing the question...
    2. Some like it hot was a real funny movie... Well what i remember of it i watched it a long long time ago... Can't recall the plot
    3.I think not following politics is a bad idea especially in a time like this i heard he wanted to build a mosque in new york by ground zero thats crazy after pearl harbor president Rosavelt was putting japanese americans in concentration camps but obama is building them a mosque... Thats crazy you can't just look at whats happening without having your opinion...

  3. That's a difficult question. It would probably be my brother/parents.

  4. It is a tough question that is why i posted it i can't answer it my self parents is a universal choice so i would pick it :) like you spot

  5. Hello Jacob-Remeber me from Rational Nation?
    We had a brief exchange once over there.
    I saw you there today and decided to come visit.

    I would call my husband if I only had one call.
    My favorite comedy is tough but the one I find myself watching over and over is My Cousin Vinny.

  6. Yep lisa i remember you from radical nation and how we discussed illegal immigrents. Good you came by well all i could add is wow if your having trouble with the second one ... And if for you the first was easy then wow good for you!!! My cousin vinny... Never seen it...:( sorry but i'd want to hey if you ever come back and read this then let me ask what's new in the US. Did obama find his birth certificate? Lol jk... But really whats up with that?

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