Monday, August 30, 2010

Holodamor: Ukrainian Holocaust

Ok i have promised this one a while ago but i have never sat behind a computer to type it. These are TRUE stories about holodamor.

But first let me get in to a little backround, holadamor was in the years 1932-33, it was caused by lenin's belshoviky party. When russia had their revolution in 1917 first one in february were they threw off the king second in october, when lenin came to power, well lenin kept taking over ukraine but they wouldn't give in they fought him off 2 or more times(i think), but he got a grip on ukraine after all. The ukrainian people would never give in to his policies, mostly to his collectionist policies, well when stalin came to power he used a technic that would kill the fighting spirit of ukraine, he would starve them to submission if not death, this technic was used once in 1921 but then the press and everybody knew about it. It is said that even america helped them then, but this time was was different it was forbidden to talk about what was happening not in the papers not anywhere.

How They Did It

There technic was simple: put an unreachable amount of product that "has to be given to the people" and force everybody to give up there last piece of grain, and the people that would refuse, were taken off to sibir, northern russia, they were called coorcooly. The fact is millions of ukrainians died in 1932-33.

Here Are 3 local stories my grandma told me

First one goes about a woman who lived with her kids on a field, by the woods, one day a man came from the woods basically fell on her door step and died. She came to the village hall and told them and asked if they can bury him after 2, 3 days no one came so she with here kids buried him herself

the next one is more tragic and happen exactly were we live now, at the end of the village, and after one mans mom died like after a while he either went crazy or hunger took the best of him but he killed his sister and was eating her, he got caught when he went to the neigbors house asked her to cook him a soup because he had nowhere to cook it this lady said when she looked in see saw an arm of a human, his sister.

The last one takes place in a village close to the city, in the town hall of a village where my grandma's dad worked no one knows exactly what happened but people brought in a woman, they said she had gone crazy too, well the people that brought her in brought in a bag with the body parts of children, her children. She had killed her own children, chopped them up and even salted the body parts in order to perseve them.

So those were tough years to live trough, but we did. These years were named holadamor which translates into sea of hunger


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