Thursday, August 12, 2010

Criticism for mr. president

ukraine news blog has a good post about ukrainian president and how the west is criticizing him read it by clicking on the link above.
So if you agree with what i said on the blog and have something to add, add it there and if you are interested in my opinion add it here I'd be happy to start a conversation. If you don't know my opinion already I am against what the 'president' is doing to ukraine(turning it to a dictatorship) I am for the orange revolution, am for democracy in Ukraine, What the previous president (v. Yushenko) did for Ukraine is better than anything this "president" can and will do.
For there is nothing to say: he already is bringing ukraine back to the Kuchma era. Forbidding freedom of speech, turning the goverment type back to a presidental-parliamental goverment type, giving him more power of course, passing laws that make it harder for the opposition to make it to parliament next oct. 13 elections I will be able to vote then and I'll vote for any one but the party of regions and I will get as much people not to vote for them, because that is too much power.
All in all read that article and think will he be the best choice for ukraine.

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