Monday, August 2, 2010

my opinion on IMF fund and were the money should go

this is a comment I posted recently on a news post that was talking about IMF credit ukraine took I though hell I'm gonna post it here its my opinion if you know any better idea on how ukraine can spend that money add it as a comment

On my opinion the goverment should invest the IMF money in agriculture for ukraine as a developing country should export crops plus yanokovich promised to increase the way of life in ukraine but just increasing minium wage but doing that would just lead to more inflation so what i would propose is putting money in agriculture, in goverment farms this would increase competition and eventually bring down cost on basic needs also this would increase demand for work in the country which would decrease migrations to cities and increase population in the country bad population in all because on my opinion people that live in the country are more likely to have kids. So this would solve ukrainian population problem and increase potentual work force also this would increase demand for agricultural vehicles and were there is demand there is always competition and with competinn people try to make their stuff better and maybe they can make them able to export which would also increase the economy. But who am I to propose stuff? just a underage teen trying to find his way in life.


  1. Investing in agriculture sounds like a good idea to me. In fact, I would go further. I would invest it in manufacturing, infrastructure-building and research.

    Building up the economy from the bottom, securing a stable base, would provide work and security for the population, and scientific and other research always pays off in the long run.

    But who am I to say? I am just an ignorant American half a world away :)

  2. That is a good idea but ukraine is advanced scientificly but the problem with that is noone wants to invest in their inventions and they have to look for investers over seas which is also a big flaw in the ukrainian goverment i mean it was ukrainians that thought up on making those things that creat an electromagnetic field in which electronics don't need a power source which could let you charge your phone while in it but then again they couldn't find no investers in ukraine not even the goverment so thats how it is in ukraine


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