Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Opposition is calling people to appeal in court

Ok with the gas prices up goverment is starting to buzz, block Ulia Temoshenko(But or Byut) is calling every ukrainian citizen to go to Shevchenkivsky District Court and appeal as a 3rd party.

"The RosUkrEnergo Company secretly filed an appeal at Kyiv Shevchenkivsky District Court on the enforcement of a ruling by Stockholm Arbitration Court obliging Naftogaz Ukrainy to return 11 billion cubic meters of gas to it," serhey Vlasenko,a deputy of byut, said at a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday.

"We are forced to state that the government, without informing from the public, decided to fulfill the ruling of the Stockholm Arbitration Court in favor of RosUkrEnergo," he said.

He also stated that they already have 10 appeals and that the text of this appeal had been posted on Tymoshenko's official Web site. so while they set things out in court the people of ukraine are forced to pay 50% more on their monthly gas bill with winter coming all they can say is hurry up.

The fact is, is that with increased gas prices ukraine will see increased inflation, as was stated by someone, can't remember who, a while back.


  1. Higher gas prices lead to higher costs in stores, which leads to inflation if left unchecked. That happened to my company. Our gas cost went so high that we had to raise our own prices.

  2. No i get how it works and there will be inflation you guys got gas in texas or how does that work but that they spiked it up 50% at once will kill the economy do you agree?

  3. Probably. Would put ME out of business.

  4. There is half a month left to wait for the bill the prices haven't went up yet but I'll see and will keep up to date with that but i dought any one cares its like that pic you posted on your blog about blogging so I don't know I guess i'm going to in a different direction don't know which though i'm thinking world politics or something like that.


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