Wednesday, August 4, 2010

skeletons in the presidents closet?

I just read in the news today about some more corruption in the news today wow the raise in gas price is not because the IMF credit ukraine took but because the goverment and rosukrenergy have a corrupt deal but that ain't all the goverment is trying to keep the opposition quiet for they got a lot to say. For the president promised that the price of gas won't rise and what do we have a 50% increase in price.

"Under such conditions, it is important for the government to silence the opposition, whichin fact has undertaken the function of bringing truth to citizens about the real state inthe country," the press service reported.

The People's Committee to Protect Ukraine also claimed that a search had been conducted at Cherkasy regional headquarters of the Batkivschyna Party.

"The reason for the search was an allegedly anonymous 'bomb threat call.' Of course, the law enforcement agencies found no explosive devices. Instead, the police, without any sanctions and resolutions, searched for and seized leaflets in which the truth about the rise in gas price from August 1 was told and which contained explanations that funds of citizens collected through the rise in gas price as a result of corrupt agreements between RosUkrEnergo and the government, would be used to settle accounts with RosUkrEnergo, ” reads the statement.

Source: kyiv post

what do you have to say to that? I got it were i read it. That explains a lot huh? So what kind of president do we have? I would never vote for him ever. He is an evil person that does not care for his country.

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